Supporting those affected by Scleroderma


I live, walk, and breath with this thing
this thing that challenges me mentally, got my mind forming like tsunamis and got me not being me. 
Me, me, me, look at me
Look into my eyes and see me and not this thing that tries to consume me. 
See the exterior and know it’s not parallel to the interior
Listen to me, I gotta story to tell. 

Diagnosed with a disease that got me singing in my fears "1,2 Freddy's comin' for you, 3,4 you betta lock your door" but I can't lock my door cause this thing is connected to me and day to day
This pain
This feeling
This anguish
And this
And this
And this
And GOD WHY ME?..............

Message from the Founder:
The Relief Foundation was birthed out of my 
frustration in dealing with the limited information regarding the disease, emotional challenges due to changes in my physical appearance and limitations, not being able to work and resulting loss of income, medical processes, trial treatments and the high cost of healthcare.

These day-to-day challenges led to my intense desire to provide RELIEF (emotional, financial, spiritual support and encouragement) to others living with Scleroderma.
May 2006
June 2010
Kelly J. Ellison, Founder of The Relief Foundation was diagnosed with Scleroderma in 2007.  
January 2011

But in the still of the night He speaks to me, beautiful one  - why not you?
Awakened in my dismay I decide to go on a journey for a spiritual cleansing, looking for a physical healing and a mental healing, 'cause it’s a greater purpose than just me. 
What a relief to know I deal with Scleroderma and I still gotta name and with that said, I'm a sophisticated lady, I'm committed with every fiber of my being, I have a love of my own who loves me for me, I'm a friend, a sister, and a god-mommy too; I'm a woman, my name is Kelly Joelle and I have Scleroderma. 
La Vita Bell
Copyright 2011